The Balance Of Power

Intenet Users Vs Population Size

The web is undeservedly U.S. centric. I've been saying it for years. Even considering the United States is currently number 2 in the world in terms of internet users (234.4 million) it's days are numbered, the balance of power will shift. If it were possible for the United Stated could get every man, woman and … Continue reading The Balance Of Power

Has Google Gone A Step Too Far By Forcing Buzz On Users?

I know Google desperately want people to use Google Buzz, but as Steven Hodson pointed out, growth of the network will always be limited by the fact that you have to have a Gmail account in order to use the service. Google Buzz is a clever trap, but a trap all the same. It is … Continue reading Has Google Gone A Step Too Far By Forcing Buzz On Users?

Twitter Can’t Remember Lists?

Tiwtter lists

I've been running into the phenomenon of people who are not on Twitter lists showing up in the results when the lists are clicked. Have a look at the screenshot below and you will see what I mean. None of the people above @John_C are on the "Daily Shite Authors List" yet there they are … Continue reading Twitter Can’t Remember Lists?

When Will The Web Stop Being U.S. Centric?

us centric globe

I've given out before about the fact that America and American internet users are not the end all and be all of the web. In fact, if every single internet user in North America were to shuffle off this mortal coil simultaneously then the internet would loose less than 1/7th (one seventh) of its user … Continue reading When Will The Web Stop Being U.S. Centric?