Buy My Volvo – This Is How An Art Director Sells A Car

Buy My Volvo

Fancy turning crank with a built-in safety bladder. Pelvis straps and an oblong chrome nipple! How could I resist? If I were living in Malmö I might just consider parting with the 7000 Kronor ($1064) for this old Volvo with 5 previous owners. Well done Castor. Advertising agencies and used-car salesmen need to take note! reading Buy My Volvo – This Is How An Art Director Sells A Car

Did You Miss The Lunar Eclipse?

21 December 2010 Lunar Eclipse

For those of you, like me, who were too damn tired to drag their sorry butts out of bed to catch the lunar eclipse two nights ago (21st December 2010),  here's a really cool video of  what you missed. This time lapse video of the Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse was recorded by William Castleman, from … Continue reading Did You Miss The Lunar Eclipse?

Bits In Pieces

I know what the title sounds like but get your mind out of the gutter! Bits In Pieces is a short film, a mini disaster movie, from the staff of OGD ict services, and it goes against the grain of what you'd expect to see in modern short films. There's no CGI or green screening, no digital effects … Continue reading Bits In Pieces

A Question Of Video

Question mark

TechCrunch is reporting that the social network we all love to hate, Facebook, is now the 3rd largest online video site in the U.S (numbers provided by Comscore). Facebook apparently had 46.6 million video viewers in July compared to Googles 143.2 million unique viewers, allowing it to snag the number 3 spot. The funny thing is, in … Continue reading A Question Of Video

Social Media: The Vacuum Edition

I don't know how I missed this, but Steven Hodson (my partner in crime on the WinExtra On Windows Podcast) has started recording the occasional vidcast and true to form gives his cranky views on our little online world. The video I've chosen to embed is one he did recently about the" social media vacuum" … Continue reading Social Media: The Vacuum Edition

Mobile Video Calling Is A Fad – Bust Before It Begins

2001 A Space Odyssey

iPhone 4, video calls, WiFi, 3G, 4G... Video calls on the move? Screw it! It's a bust and if you hadn't been dazzled by the technospeak you'd engage your brain and move on to something worth focusing on. Answer me these questions honestly and you'll understand why it will be nothing more than a fad: Which do … Continue reading Mobile Video Calling Is A Fad – Bust Before It Begins