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Paul, Daniel and Steven discuss the statute of limitations on fraud, examples of how small business should not manage a social media account, rebranding Abercrombie & Fitch, hugging the homeless, Windows Blue (Windows 8.1), and the return of Riddick!

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Migrating Mozilla Thunderbird From One Computer To Another

Thunderbird 3Mozilla Thunderbird may be an excellent email client (and PIM with the right extensions) but for all the wealth of extensions available and it’s myriad of import options, it’s still incredibly difficult to export data such as email, accounts and settings.

I faced that very problem today.

When I’m developing or doing video editing on my main laptop I don’t want to have my email client running. Having it open is not only a distraction but sucks up valuable resources, so today I decided to install a second copy of Thunderbird on my other machine so I could access my email no matter what I was doing or running.

I access all of my email through IMAP, so if I had just a single email address I wouldn’t have worried too much about just installing Thunderbird and manually setting up the account. Unfortunately I am not blessed enough to get by with just a single email address, not even remotely close, so other methods were required.

The method I’m about to show you will work on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 (Update: works with Windows 10), can be accomplished in less than 10 minutes and will allow you keep all of your email settings and email (doesn’t matter if you use POP3 or IMAP).

In order to make the migration, you’ll need a flash drive (preferably with a large storage capacity if you are a POP3 user), portable hard drive or a network connection with shared folders between both machines.

I’ll be explaining how to do it using a flash drive or portable hard drive.

Okay lets get started shall we?

Download the latest version of Thunderbird to the machine you want to install it on and start the installation process.

While that is installing go to the machine where your email currently exists.

Make sure that Thunderbird isn’t running and plug in your thumbdrive.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 navigate to the following location:


Windows XP users browse to:

C:Documents and SettingsPaulApplication DataThunderbirdProfiles

Inside that folder you’ll see a file that should be named something like: XXXXXXX.default

Copy this file to your flash drive. You may need to compress it using a tool like 7Zip if it’s too large to fit on the flash drive.

Once it’s copied eject the thumbdrive and and take it back to the machine you just installed Thunderbird on.

Make sure Thunderbird is fully installed and then run Thunderbird for the first time.

Once it starts exit out immediately. Don’t enter any data or set anything up. By letting it run once it sets up all the folders you need in your Application Data folder which we can now replace with the file on your flash drive.

Once Thunderbird is closed, navigate to the same folder as you were at before (except on the new machine) and delete the XXXXXXX.default file you find in there.

Once it’s deleted copy the XXXXXXX.default file from your thumbdrive (decompress if necessary) into the folder.

Next Windows Vista and Windows 7 users should navigate to:

Windows Vista and Windows 7 navigate to the following location:


Windows XP users navigate to:

C:Documents and SettingsPaulApplication DataThunderbird

Inside this folder you’ll find a file called profiles.ini.

Open profiles.ini using Notepad or your favorite text editor.

It should look something like this:







Change the value of XXXXXXX.default in profiles.ini to match the value of the original XXXXXXX.default file you copied from your flash drive.

Save the file, close all open windows and start Thunderbird.

If you’ve done everything correctly Thunderbird should start up without problems.

If you get an error saying something like: “Thunderbird is already running in another window“, then recheck the value of XXXXXXX.default in profiles.ini.

If it doesn’t match the original value then things won’t work and Thunderbird will keep throwing that error.

If  you originally created your signatures for your email accounts inside Thunderbird then you’re all done.

If, like me, you’ve got them saved as text files then you’ll need to copy them to the new machine and go into the account settings for each email account and make sure that it is pointing to the correct location for you signature files.

That’s it, you’re all done 🙂

Download Maelstrom (Game) for Windows, Linux, Mac for Free


Classic games are awesome and while some fade into the vast dark reaches of lost memory, there are some that stand the test of time.

Maelstrom stands the test of time and then some. Still highly addictive and highly entertaining, this space shooter of the asteroids ilk is still kicking ass since it’s original shareware release in 1993.

Since it’s Mac (Power PC) release it’s gone on to be ported to Linux and Windows as well as being (as far as I know) GPL’d.

I love this game and so did all my friends back in 1993 when we were playing it in the computer lab in school. In fact, we loved this game so much, that a bunch of us made our own version of it called “Spacers 2.3”, which has since been lost to a 3.5 inch disk in the bottom of somebody’s old sock drawer!

So, today I’m bringing some of those memories back and invite you to play along with me.

If you want to join in the fun, here are the download links for the platform of your choice.

UPDATE: These download links no longer work. I’ll update when I find a working copy.

UPDATE 19/09/2011: All links are working again.

Maelstrom 3.0.6 Binaries Download

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP/Vista/7:
MacOS X:
MacOS Classic:

You pilot your ship through the dreaded “Maelstrom” asteroid belt — suddenly your best friend thrusts towards you and fires, directly at your cockpit. You raise your shields just in time, and the battle is joined.
The deadliest stretch of space known to mankind has just gotten deadlier. Everywhere massive asteroids jostle for a chance to crush your ship, and deadly shinobi fighter patrols pursue you across the asteroid belt. But the deadliest of them all is your sister ship, assigned to you on patrol. The pilot, trained by your own Navy, battle hardened by months in the Maelstrom, is equipped with a twin of your own ship and intimate knowledge of your tactics.
The lovely Stratocaster R&R facility never sounded so good, but as you fire full thrusters to dodge the latest barrage you begin to think you’ll never get home…

As a bonus, check out this page where you can download additional sound packs for Maelstrom and check out the “ReadMe” in the .zip file to see how to enable networked multiplayer Maelstrom!


OFlaherty Episode #10 – My Mini is YourMinis

My Mini is YourMinis

Apologies for the late posting. This episode was recorded last night, the 26th of April but I only got around to posting it today.

This episode features a recorded Gizmo call with O’Flaherty regular Alec Palomo. We have a bit of a laugh as well as cover some MMORPG stuff and widgets!

Podsafe Music from Kevin Reeves




Download Podcast MP3: O’Flaherty #10 14.47mb 0:31:44

O’Flaherty Episode #09 – Spaten München

Spaten München

I’m pissed of at Apple iTunes. Microsoft makes good with Firefox. Facebook may yet grant my wish. You too can own a social network  and my podcasting glass is revealed.

My voice decides to disappear mid way through the podcast. Thankfully a drink from my official podcasting glass brings it back and I can continue.

Awesome music from Surfact.




Download Podcast MP3: O’Flaherty #09 8.33mb 0:18:16

OFlaherty Episode #03 – Coffee Club

Coffe Club

From Vienna to the coffee club and CC Spam to podcast clients for Vista.

Next MS OS in 2009?

King of Spam

Wheres my feed?

On the Podcast

Attribution to bloggers

Podcasting to Generate $400 Mil. in Ads by 2011

Good podcast client for Vista?

Blogs of the week:


Download Podcast MP3: OFlaherty #03 14.6mb 30:35

O’Flaherty – Episode #02

Getting sick with Vista.

Talking about new operating systems, cool blogs and free software while trying not to sweat on the microphone.

Apologies for my voice and rushing this one – I’m a little under the weather!


  • The joy and the hardware woes

The Experiment

Google WebMaster Tools



The Blogs


Get well soon Derek!

Download Podcast MP3: OFlaherty #02 25.6mb 27:56