Epic Upgrades? Women And Gaming

Taki Soul Calibur 4

As both Sara and I enjoyed playing Soul Calibur 2, we picked up a copy Soul Calibur IV for the X-Box 360 at GameStop yesterday. We didn't do any research into it, just going on the strength of the fun we had playing Soul Calibur 2 together. Both of us were aware of the rather revealing … Continue reading Epic Upgrades? Women And Gaming

Women – Raise Awareness Not Your Shirt

I rolled my eyes this morning as I saw one of the women I follow on Twitter (@pauloflaherty)  had changed their avatar to a picture of their boobs. This apparent decision to proudly display her cleavage was prompted by a blog called “Boobie Wednesday” to raise awareness about breast cancer amongst women. Now, don’t get … Continue reading Women – Raise Awareness Not Your Shirt