Distraction Free Blogging? I’d Pay For That!

Distraction Free Blogging

While I applaud the efforts made by the WordPress team to include a distraction free editor, it unfortunately does little (and cannot for technical reasons) to stop the myriad of distractions that occur on my desktop or laptop. The only real way to stop the flood of email notifications, IM's, phone calls is to disconnect … Continue reading Distraction Free Blogging? I’d Pay For That!

Poor “Related” Links Ruin Posts

Ricky Gervais - Time Magazine

I was reading a great post by Ricky Gervais on Time Magazine's site today about the difference between American and British humor, when it struck me just how intrusive their in post "related posts" are. It was quite a long post and one thing I find is that, if I lose the flow of a … Continue reading Poor “Related” Links Ruin Posts

You need to be wrong to be a blogger!

On thing I can’t stand is a smug, condescending git who thinks he (or she) knows everything. Unfortunately the internet is chock full of these assholes, who believe that their opinion is all that counts and will argue that to the death that the moon is actually the buttocks of the late, great John Candy, … Continue reading You need to be wrong to be a blogger!