Facebook Ghosts

Steven Hodson of Winextra joins Daniel and Paul this week to talk about Call of Duty: Ghost, the next Xbox, Facebook, Yahoo, Flickr, Dailymotion, Google Glass, privacy, rainwater and more... Links mentioned in this weeks Nothing Serious Podcast: Call of Duty: Ghosts - set for November release. Will be on next-gen consoles.No Dailymotion for Yahoo … Continue reading Facebook Ghosts

IM = Irritate Me and Initiate Messing

It's rather unfortunate that today I'm coming to think of Instant Messaging, which is a great enabling technology, as an irritant, and something which many companies could do without in the workplace. Okay, before I go any further let me step back and take a look at this from a work point of view in … Continue reading IM = Irritate Me and Initiate Messing