Email Marketing Is Not Dead. It’s Essential!

Email Marketing - Drive-By Marketing Podcast

Email is seen by many as outdated, and more of a pain than it's worth. In this episode of the Drive-By Marketing Podcast, I explain why email marketing is not only "not dead" but is absolutely critical to your marketing efforts.

Missed Opportunity When Building Referral Networks – Drive-By Marketing

Referral Networks - Drive-By Marketing Podcast

Building your referral network is central to the success of medical practices and many small businesses. In this podcast I discuss how not following and capturing referral data is one of the biggest missed opportunities and the simple solution to fixing this problem so that you can build the best referral network you can and maximize … Continue reading Missed Opportunity When Building Referral Networks – Drive-By Marketing

Save Time With Social Media Management Tools – Drive-By Marketing

Save Time With Social Media Management Tools - Drive-By Marketing

Social Media Management tools are a great way to organize all of your networks under one roof and post content to multiple places without getting overwhelmed. In this podcast I talk briefly about two of my favorite time-saving tools, some of the core differences between them and why I prefer Hootsuite over Buffer.

I Don’t Have Time For Content Marketing – Drive-By Marketing

I Don't Have Time For Content Marketing- Drive-By Marketing Podcast

I've had a lot of people tell me that they don't have time for content marketing. In this podcast I explain why "not having time" is simply an excuse that puts you at a competitive disadvantage and why you must be actively engaged in content marketing for your small business to grow.

Deleting Negative Reviews – Drive-By Marketing

Deleting Negative Reviews - Drive-By Marketing Podcast

In this podcast I address deleting negative reviews and comments about your company / product / service from review sites, Facebook pages and other locations. I mention the reasons why you shouldn't delete negative reviews, which include: How it makes your profile looks fake or fixed, as if you were trying to game the system.The missed … Continue reading Deleting Negative Reviews – Drive-By Marketing

Why Social Media Marketing? – Drive-By Marketing Podcast

Why Social Media Marketing - Paul O'Flaherty

"Why should we bother with social media marketing? We have a website and most of our business comes from Word of Mouth. We're actually a profitable and very successful local company. Isn't this just another expense?" I hear questions like that a lot, and it's easy to empathize with small business owners who can see … Continue reading Why Social Media Marketing? – Drive-By Marketing Podcast

Blind Reposting – Drive-By Marketing Rant

Drive-By Marketing Podcast

Reposting content online, whether it's on Twitter, Facebook or any other social network, can be an awesome way to keep your followers engaged. It can bring attention to your brand from those whose content you're reposting, and it can provide your audience with new content while you get your own content ready for sharing. Best of all … Continue reading Blind Reposting – Drive-By Marketing Rant