Happy Hour with Mr. Business Golf – Part 2

Happy Hour with Mr. Business Golf – Part 2

About 2 months ago I had the pleasure of a long Skype conversation with Scot Duke of Innovative Business Golf, about Social networks, their problems and their future.

The conversation, which was in preparation for his new book, was very broad and covered a lot of ground over the 2 hours. Scot has taken the time to edit the conversation down to podcastable chunks and this 20 minute podcast is the second of 4 podcasts to come out of the conversation.

In Part Two we really start drilling down to some of the root causes of the problems with the Internet and how Social Networking Groups are really not helping with the effort to get more real people online.

Paul goes into how the traditional media is not helping with the negative promotions they provide and we discuss the reasons behind why these groups do to want to correct the problem.

We also offer some solutions to the problems and start the talks about where we see the Internet and Social Networking going.


Download Podcast MP3: Happy Hour #02 18.4 Mb 0:20:06

One thought on “Happy Hour with Mr. Business Golf – Part 2

  1. Very interesting, the social space is really hard to get right. Many companies have tried and many more failed. One site that gets golf and social is Howcast.com, they have a variety of How To Golf Videos made by regular golfers like you and me.

    They also have some really great options for sharing. embedding, etc. that most other content sites seem to be lacking.


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