Fake It ‘Til You Make It – The Thin Veneer Of Social Media?

The Higton Bros may have hit an uncomfortable nail squarely on the head with this video about the reality behind the status updates of our friends and those we follow online.

Facebook can be depressing because everyone else’s lives are better than yours… But are they really?

The video hasn’t last any of its relevancy in the 6 months it has taken to come to my attention (hat-tip to Fast Company) and should serve as a stark reminder that many people who suffer from social anxiety (which I guess we all do in some form or another,  except the most confident of us) are not only dealing with FOMO (fear of missing out syndrome) but with social pressure to be as interesting as everyone else.

It’s a reminder to all of us to take everything we see online from the happiest status update, to the most blistering outrage, with a healthy pinch of salt. It should also bring to the surface the necessity of reaching out to people “in the real world” and finding out what is actually going on before relying on oft ambiguous social updates.

Finally, it’s a stark reminder that if you really want to have awesome stuff to post online – you need to get off your ass and do stuff!

Buy My Volvo – This Is How An Art Director Sells A Car

Fancy turning crank with a built-in safety bladder. Pelvis straps and an oblong chrome nipple! How could I resist?

If I were living in Malmö I might just consider parting with the 7000 Kronor ($1064) for this old Volvo with 5 previous owners.

Well done Castor. Advertising agencies and used-car salesmen need to take note!

Hat-tip: Mashable.

Awesome Resignation Video Shows Why Clear Story And Quality Rule Over Quantity

I work for an awesome company that makes news videos. I have put my entire life into this job, but my boss only cares about quantity, how fast we write and how many views each video gets.

I believe it’s more important to focus on the quality of the content. When you learn to improve this, the views will come. Here is a little video I made explaining my feelings.

With 450,000 views in less than two days (at the time of writing), it’s fair to say that Marina V. Shifrin has made her point.

Coffee Snobs – I Fear For My Future

I honestly think I have known these people and I fear that one day my coffee addiction will lead me to become one of them (without working at a coffee shop I hope).

Of course, none of this is helped by the fact that my percolator decided that this morning would be a great time to screw up, overflow and try to drown Sara’s phone in hot coffee…

Bill Maher – The Reason Why Liberals Don’t Like Bachmann & Palin

Bill Maher defends himself against accusations of sexism for his opinions about Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann being unfit to lead the U.S.

There is a reason why I still have a man crush on Bill Maher and it’s not his dashing good looks folks!


How I Will Always Think Of Sarah Palin

I made this video last week for UrlyBits but am only getting around to posting it here now (yes, things have been that hectic lately).

After spotting this animated GIF in the wild I just had to put it to music and thought that the tune to Nyan Cat would be a perfect fit.


Did You Miss The Lunar Eclipse?

21 December 2010 Lunar EclipseFor those of you, like me, who were too damn tired to drag their sorry butts out of bed to catch the lunar eclipse two nights ago (21st December 2010),  here’s a really cool video of  what you missed.

This time lapse video of the Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse was recorded by William Castleman, from 1:10 AM EST (6:10 GMT) to 5:03 AM EST (10:03 GMT) in Gainesville Florida.

Hat-tip to BlogTown.